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Innovative merchandising display cases and refrigeration system solutions. kysorwarren-logo

The Defender™ is our most technologically advanced traditional system -- containing digital compressors, a state-of-the art condensing unit, and leading controls and electronics. An ideal choice for retrofit and remodel applications based on the ultimate in ease-of-installation design. For more information visit:

Kysor/Warren Talks Alternative Refrigeration Systems at FMI Energy & Store Development Conference September 24 - 27, 2017 Michael Lehtinen, Marketing Director for Kysor Warren, will share our experiences with transitioning from traditional to more sustainable refrigerants, including HFO blends and natural refrigerants during the general session on Monday, September 25th. As a panelist, he will present information on projects ranging from new construction to refrigerant conversions. These case studies will provide a framework for your design and operations teams, equipping them to make informed decisions as you consider migrating to sustainable refrigerants. For more information about the show, visit

Our CO2 training program is designed to make sure there is no guesswork in installing, operating and servicing the systems. The topics covered in the training are cycle & components, rack system installation, start up, maintenance and troubleshooting. Our training program can be customized to accommodate a higher number of attendees with content designed specifically for our customer. We also have informative videos highlighting everything from rack tips to safety that are available on our YouTube channel that can be found under Kysor Warren Refrigeration.

Designed for grocery stores… The NH3/CO2 cascade system provides world-class energy efficiency and sustainability. The NH3 system sits on top of the roof and no ammonia enters the store, while the CO2 system feeds refrigerant into the cases. For more information visit

This week Kysor/Warren honored Akira Battle, our Lennox Scholarship winner. She is the daughter of Audrey Battle who works in the Purchasing Department at Kysor/Warren. Akira, we’re proud of your accomplishments and the person that you’ve become. Congratulations!

This week at Kysor Warren, we recognized employees for a patent or development of a trade secret on behalf of the company in the last year. After opening remarks from Parke Adamson, VP/GM, Heatcraft Kysor Warren, followed by special commendations from Jon Douglas, Director of Engineering at Kysor Warren stood as the main presenter and honored the 7 patentees. Many of the 7 were repeats and multiple-patent honorees, showcasing Kysor Warren’s commitment to continued innovation. Congratulations to all of the honored patentees. The full list of honorees includes: Chera Selvan, Sourcing Chandra Chikkakalbalu, Engineering Kevin Simmons, Operations Mike Smith, Engineering Mike Schuetter, Engineering Michael Lehtinen, Marketing (Not pictured)

This system has a refrigerant cycle that partially operates above the critical point of CO2 and uses refrigeration cycles such as two stage expansion. Unlike cascade systems, this system uses only single CO2 refrigerant. It is used to refrigerate merchandisers and walk-in coolers/freezers operating in both transcritical and subcritical modes depending of ambient temperatures. This global design is completely HFC-free, has a smaller footprint while also providing excellent energy efficiency. Visit for more information.

We’re really proud of our co-op program at Kysor/Warren. Our engineering staff finds reward in helping students reach their full potential, we’re lucky to have an engineering team made up of great mentors. The co-ops also add a lot of value to the business by making some big projects in the factory possible that wouldn’t happen if we didn’t have the program. Our goal is to introduce the co-ops to real world engineering practices giving them an impressive list of achievements for resumes and more importantly experiences for their future career. We want them to have an upper hand as they enter the marketplace, and their careers, whether they decide to hire on with LII or elsewhere. We have 9 Co-ops from 4 different schools (Auburn, Georgia Tech, Georgia Southern, Columbus Tech). Co-ops typically start as they transition into their junior year and they spend three semesters at Kysor Warren. It is a “work one semester, school the next” rotation. The student’s majors include Mechanical, Industrial, and Electrical Engineering from the universities along with one Computer Aided Design student from the local tech school (Columbus Tech). Kysor/Warren has enjoyed our co-op program so much that we have tripled its size in the last 12 months!