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F-Series Reach-in Merchandisers

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new F-series Reach-in merchandisers. There has been extensive development and testing put into the design of these merchandisers to ensure that they exceed the expectations of both retailers and contractors. Much has been done to improve the overall energy efficiency, reduce the refrigeration load, simplify service procedures and, most importantly, improve the performance and appearance during operation outside of ideal conditions.


  • Reduced refrigeration load – only 925 BTU/H per door
  • Meets and exceeds DOE 2017 standards by 15%
  • Completely redesigned coil and air management system


  • As much as 35% larger internal capacity than competing reach-ins
  • Increased merchandising capacity and reduced restocking demands
  • Lower demand on walk-in freezer space


  • Return air grills can be easily removed for cleaning without removing the deck pan or merchandise
  • Access to expansion valve, hand valve, service port and filter/drier without removing merchandise from the case
  • Reduced labor costs and eliminated need for temporary storage space during service

Heat Transfer

  • Increased heat transfer ability allows for reduction in saturated suction temperature to -10° F for frozen food
  • Reduced demand on refrigeration system only 925 BTU/H per door