GE-Refrigerated-Display-LED-Lighting-Immersion-RH30-Case-Closeup-855x600 tcm201-54973Efficiency. Longevity. Environmentally Friendly.

LED lighting is a rapidly evolving technology that is being used throughout the supermarket industry. Designed specifically for merchandise to provide an unprecedented visual impact to attract shoppers. LED lighting produces less heat than fluorescents to reduce product deterioration and prolong product freshness. Reductions in energy consumption will continue to improve with innovations.

Why lighting is so important:

  • Without lighting we would not see color, contrast or texture
  • Lighting sets the atmosphere and feel of surroundings
  • Proper lighting can alter the choices a person makes
  • Lighting can be used to convey a brand image
  • Strategic lighting can draw customers into areas of focus

Key factors when choosing proper LED:

  • Type of merchandise
  • Desired atmosphere
  • Ambient lighting
  • Hue (color temperature, K)
  • Intensity (lumens)
  • Color rendering index

Comparing LEDs to T8’s:
LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes)

  • Produce less heat
  • No ultra-violet rays
  • Targeted light (60°-120°)
  • Provide superior color rendering

T8 Fluorescents

  • Easily broken on impact
  • Contain mercury
  • Color shift over life span
  • Indiscriminate light (360°)
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