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  • SX2LN - Multi-deck, standard depth, 2 deck, low front, non-glass
  • SX2LP - Multi-deck, standard depth, 2 deck, low front, plexiglass
  • SX2XN - Multi-deck, standard depth, 2 deck, medium front, non-glass

Standard Features:

  • LED’s feature brackets that allow for angle adjustment of each individual light to optimize lighting to the merchandise.
  • 2-position shelf brackets and 1” increments for shelf positioning provide the ultimate flexibility for merchandise of any type.
  • 20 Standard and 90 premium color options to personalize the design to any retail space.
  • Thermoformed plastic tub creates a leak-proof bath tub ensuring any liquids never reach the merchandising floor.
  • Programmable high efficiency EC motors reduce the number of replacement parts across many case models.
  • Drop down raceway makes accessing the electrical circuits simple and hassle free.
  • Deck pans, back panels and fan plenums are fastener-free making cleaning fast and efficient.
  • Front mounted drains only require lifting the deck pan to clear any obstructions.

Optional features:

  • Heavy-duty or 1-piece shelving
  • Wire and plexi product stops and shelf dividers
  • Merchandise mirrors
  • T8 lighting*
  • Plexi & glass front and end options
  • Multiple Door makes, styles and hinging
  • Top mounted modular condensing units
  • Electronic expansion valves
  • Alternate refrigerants (Glycol and CO2-liquid overfeed)
  • Top refrigerant & electrical piping

*Some models will not meet DOE standards with T8 canopy & shelf lighting