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The Defender™


The Defender™ is our most technologically advanced traditional system -- containing digital compressors, a state-of-the art condensing unit, and leading controls and electronics.  An ideal choice for retrofit and remodel applications based on the ultimate in ease-of-installation design.   You can combine various medium and low temperature capacity units to meet your exact refrigeration demands.  This unit saves you with shorter piping runs, less field installation, reduced refrigerant charge and fewer potential leaks with factory tested piping.  This unit will provide you excellent operational performance throughout its long life. 


Selection Guidance

  • Most technologically advanced HFC system
  • Designed for easy and fast start-ups; excellent for remodels  
  • Outdoor unit with integrated condenser
  • Proven condenser efficiency and reliability (VFD fans, micro-channel coil)
  • Modular design (5 med temp cap. / 5 low temp cap.)
  • Product designed for immediate start-up
  • MT:  75K - 168K (4 Fan)/ 135K - 227K (6 Fan)
  • LT:  174K - 280K (4 Fan ) / 266K - 454K (6 Fan)
  • Dimen. Wt. (h, l, w):  78” x 150” x 94”, 3800 lb (4F); 78” x 195” x 94”, 4500 lb (6F)


Construction Features

  • Painted steel cabinet
  • Hinged front and side access panels
  • Weather protection from top access panel
  • Modular condenser design for easy replacement
  • Bottom back piping connection
  • Available in 208V, 460V and 575V