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5 Signs It's Time to Replace Your Commercial Refrigeration Rack

5 Signs It's Time to Replace Your Commercial Refrigeration Rack

The commercial refrigeration rack is a big component when it comes to keeping multiple coolers operating efficiently. Unlike a non-commercial refrigeration option, commercial refrigerators operate using multiple condenser fans and compressors that are all piped together. This allows for more efficient cooling, but it also offers a compact design and added convenience into the mix, as well. Eventually, though, it comes time to replace your commercial refrigeration rack. Here are five signs you should do that:


1. Breakdowns Are Costing You More and More

Breakdowns in your commercial refrigeration rack can be costly and frustrating. Unfortunately, they can happen as the racks age. Much like a car or truck, repair costs go up as the unit ages.  Nothing is going to last forever, and parts wear out when they've been in service for years.

If you're seeing your racks break down frequently, or if the breakdowns are getting more severe over time, that could be a sign that it's time to replace them. While there are certainly costs to be considered with replacement, adding up the costs of the frequent breakdowns and repair bills may surprise you. The number and size of breakdowns your commercial refrigeration racks have could be adding up to nearly as much as the cost of a new unit with a good warranty. Again, using the car and truck analogy, the cost of repairs needs to be weighed against that of new equipment.  You might be throwing money away that could be used toward new more efficient equipment.


2. Your Energy Costs Are Always Going Up

Power bills fluctuate, but if you see that the energy cost trend is on the rise it could be more than changes in outside temperature or an increase in energy rates. Rising costs also come from refrigeration racks that are past their prime and not working as well as they should. There are two main issues with this, that cause rising energy bills when you have older racks. These are:

  1. Older refrigeration racks simply don't have the proper technology to be as energy efficient as older ones.
  2. Older racks have more wear and tear, which keeps them from being as efficient as they were when they were new.

That's a two-fold problem, and one that may be a big sign that it's time to replace your commercial refrigeration rack. You won't be able to get your old one back to new condition, and even if you did, it still wouldn't be as energy efficient as the newer models that are available today. Consider the ongoing nature of your power bills when deciding if replacement is the right choice.


3. Odd or Loud Sounds Become the Norm

Your refrigeration rack isn't silent, and some noise is expected. But is it getting louder? Are there sounds you aren't used to? Those may be signs that replacement is the right choice. When you first install a commercial refrigeration rack, you get used to the sounds it makes. Then those sounds just become background noise at your location. The humming and other noises are routine. The clicks and related sounds when compressors turn on and off are expected.

But loud clangs and clunks aren't supposed to be a part of the equation. The hum or buzz the racks make shouldn't be so loud that they're a distraction. If you find that the noises your racks are making have changed over time, or if everything is just getting louder than you'd like, it could be time to discuss replacement. Those noises could indicate the beginning of serious problems, along with wear and tear on equipment that will eventually break down and cost you a lot to fix.


4. It's Just Not Staying as Cold as It Should

You're relying on your commercial refrigeration racks to keep everything at the right temperature, so you and your customers can feel safe. Whether you're offering frozen food, refrigerated products, or both, you want to be sure you're not selling anything that could make someone sick due to improper storage. If you've adjusted the temperature and made other changes or repairs, but the racks simply can't keep up, replacement may be your best option.

Eventually, systems simply start to fail. Parts wear out, or there may be small refrigerant leaks. The leaks can generally be fixed, but eventually that doesn't work out to be cost-effective anymore. Plus, you have the risk of food or other products getting too warm, and the cost of throwing all those items away on top of the price to fix the refrigeration system. Replacing the racks can reduce that risk significantly.


5. The System Uses Obsolete Parts

If you're operating a very old, outdated commercial refrigeration rack, even if it's working well now, it may be time to replace it. Getting parts for older units is becoming increasingly difficult, and that could mean you don't have the parts to fix it when you need to. It's generally better to replace it with a newer one before you see catastrophic failure that can result in a lot of lost product and plenty of frustrated customers.  If your rack is greater than twelve years old, technology improvements may have obsoleted your racks subcomponents. 

While it's understandable to want to keep an older system working for as long as possible, obsolete commercial refrigeration racks sometimes can't be repaired when they break down. You can give yourself a lot more peace of mind if you have the rack replaced before it gets any older or experiences a serious, irreparable issue that could leave you without refrigeration for days or even weeks.

With indoor parallel rack options from Kysor Warren EPTA US, you can get the quality and value you're looking for when you replace your commercial refrigeration rack. There are also outdoor parallel rack options to consider, ensuring you have the proper equipment for safe and effective cooling, no matter where it's located. Replacing a rack can be a big step, but if yours is older, breaking down frequently, or has other signs that it's time for replacement, you'll want to get that done before your current rack fails completely.