About Us

Kysor Warren, the brand specialized in Commercial Refrigeration

Kysor Warren, a part of the Epta Group, is a leading brand of refrigerated display cases & refrigeration systems, partnering with customers to bring complete commercial refrigeration solutions to supermarkets and other retailers across North and Central America.

The core business is the design, manufacturing, and distribution of efficient and technologically advanced displays and systems used in grocery and convenience stores, with applications in other retail and foodservice sectors.

As demands shift, Kysor Warren partners with customers to deliver tailored solutions with high quality and sustainable products. It is fully committed to offering exceptional after-sales service, along with a highly diverse and customizable services portfolio.            

In 2019, Kysor Warren, with a strong reputation for reliability, joined the Epta Group, who is known for its innovative spirit and ethics. This created a merger of reliability and creativity, offering customers the latest technologies in natural refrigeration.

Kysor Warren Epta US is now the third largest American manufacturer of refrigeration products and has a team of 500+ employees in the United States and Mexico, with a factory locations in Columbus, Georgia and in Tlalnepantla, Mexico.



To meet and exceed the ever-changing needs of today’s Supermarkets, Kysor Warren offers a selection of quality engineered refrigerated merchandise display cases, commercial refrigeration systems, and other refrigeration components for the food retail industry. Kysor Warren meets a wide range of needs by supplying the supermarket industry with energy-efficient merchandising options that range from multi-deck to island to self-contained display cases for dairy, red meat, and produce departments. All models offer tremendous energy-saving opportunities coupled with the latest technology and reliable technical support.



As time-starved consumers crave quick and easy access to everyday items, small-format stores are rapidly moving into providing more refrigerated items such as beverages, frozen foods, and even fresh foods for consumers. Kysor Warren offers cost-effective, energy-efficient refrigerated merchandisers, systems, and solutions for the smaller format markets where customers can conveniently grab ready-made options and refrigerated products. Whether a drugstore, dollar store, or convenience store, Kysor Warren offers cost-saving solutions to help increase profitability and promote sustainability.


Food Service

Kysor Warren provides food storage solutions for the foodservice industry. Products offered include dependable cooling systems with precise climate-control capabilities to help preserve the quality of your foods. Our strength is flexibility, allowing us to customize our offering to fit customers’ needs. Our core product offering consists of condensing units, unit coolers, and packaged refrigeration systems, along with electronic refrigeration controls which are designed to improve energy efficiency, maximize space within the walk-in, and reduce operational costs.


Mass Merchant

Energy-efficient, unique custom options designed for bulk merchandising to compliment your individual facility. Our refrigerated merchandisers for mass merchants are durable and can sustain the most rugged, high-traffic environment all while giving mass merchants the flexibility to store large quantities of products in various sizes. All models offer tremendous cost-saving opportunities coupled with the latest technology and reliable technical support.