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Finding the Right Merchandising Refrigerated Case

Finding the Right Merchandising Refrigerated Case

When you want to find the right merchandising refrigerated case, there are a number of things you'll want to consider. Not all of these refrigerators are created equal, and there are many uses for them. Finding the right options can make a big difference in whether your company is able to provide what its customers need. Here are some of the most important questions to ask, when it comes to the right merchandising refrigerator for your needs.

What are you storing in the refrigerated case?

The items you're going to be storing matter, because they not only take up space, but often have to be handled and stored differently, as well. For example, meats, produce, and frozen food options all require different temperatures for safe handling. If you have a lot of different products, you may need additional space or options.

Some items are far bulkier than others, some stack more easily, and some need totes, bins, or other ways of keeping them in one place. Carefully considering all of that can help you choose the merchandising refrigerator that's right for your needs. Then you can have more peace of mind, and make sure the items you're storing are being kept safe, as well.

How much space do you have for the refrigerated case?

If you have a supermarket, you're probably going to need a bigger refrigerated case than if you have a convenience store. While that's not necessarily true for every supermarket, and some convenience stores can be very large, it's more common to find larger merchandising refrigerators in supermarkets or chain stores that offer both food and other items.

Fortunately, you can get modular options from Kysor Warren Epta US, which can help you fit the space you have available. That way, you'll worry less about smaller or oddly sized spaces, because a modular fridge option could help you get a refrigeration unit into a place you may not have previously thought would be an option.

How much product do you need to fit in the refrigerated case?

You'll want to consider whether you need just one unit, or a larger unit that has a modular design you can add on to. You may have plans to expand later, or want to make sure you can spread out your product, so customers can see it better. If you're operating a big supermarket, for example, you're probably going to need a number of units. A much smaller store may only have one or two. The amount of product you're currently carrying, along with any plans to expand, can help you choose what works for your needs.

How many people will be using the refrigerated case?

If there are high-traffic areas, you'll need a case that's more durable and can stand up to higher levels of use. For example, you may want to consider steel instead of plastic for the main construction, but also for areas such as door handles. You'll also need a model that has more serviceable components, so it can be worked on as needed.

A high-use case can break down, simply from all the use (and abuse) it gets. The easier it is to work on, and the more durably it's constructed, the better off you'll be with having it in use all the time, even if you have a high volume of customers. The area where your store is located, and the kind of clientele you have, can also make a difference in the durability of the case you need, as well.

How important is visibility of the products in the refrigerated case?

If you need a high visibility option, you'll want to look for cases that have mostly glass doors and bright lighting. Many also have white or other brightly colored shelves or racks. That way, people can easily see what's available, and find what they're looking for. That's especially important for stores that need to provide a lot of different options, because customers will have to see clearly to choose what they're looking for.

How would you like to display your products?

Vertical and horizontal options exist for merchandising refrigerated cases, so you can display your products in ways that work for you, and for your customers. Vertical options have the opportunity for doors, which can make it easier for people to get things out of the refrigerator quickly and efficiently. While a horizontal merchandising refrigerated case may have that option, not all models will. Depending on what's offered in the case, you'll want to be careful of the type you choose.

Are you considering an energy efficient refrigerated case?

The basics of energy efficiency are important, and you want a refrigerator that meets or exceeds them. Generally, that's one that's DOE certified. Not only can that save you money, but it's also easier on the planet and can help you protect the environment from harm. Many styles and sizes of refrigerators come in energy efficient options today, so you can choose from the ones that are going to give you the best value based on your needs. They'll all be similar, but they won't be the same.

Do you need a custom style to fit your merchandising needs?

Some locations just don't fit standard sizes or styles of refrigerated cases, but that doesn't mean you have to do without. It also doesn't mean you need to reconfigure your store, or take on a lot of extra expense to try to make your merchandising refrigerator fit where you want it to go. If you're looking for a custom style in your refrigerated case, Kysor Warren Epta US has the options you want and need.

Not only are there many sizes, but there are styles that fit nearly every store and space. Contact us today, and we can help you find the right style and size of refrigerator for your convenience store, supermarket, or other location. You don't have to just leave with a refrigerator that doesn't work for your needs, or match what your customers expect. We can help you do more.